LISA Wills


Originally from North Brunswick, New Jersey, Lisa has called Fredericksburg, Virginia home for 20+ years. 

Music has been an essential part of her life for as long as she can remember. Undoubtedly, it started with her father's interest in the guitar and listening to ABBA or Neil Diamond at the dinner table. Since her first Metallica concert in the mid-80s, Lisa has lived, breathed, and promoted her favorites like no other.

While balancing a day job and motherhood, Lisa has spent the last few years helping many new bands create and evolve their digital presence by running various fan groups and street teams. On a typical day, Lisa can be found scouring her social feeds for new music. That's where the magic happens – she blows up the internet with Tweets and posts that generate a groundswell of activity from fellow fans. She's been called out a few times by SiriusXM Octane's DJs for her social prowess.

Ghost, Shinedown, and Architects are just a few of the bands that make up the playlist of her life. She also carves out a special place in her heart for today's newcomers: Any Given Sin, Kingdom Collapse, and VRSTY. Once she falls in love with a band, you can't keep her from letting her passion take over. What's most impressive is the number of shows Lisa attends annually. 

The road and air mileage totals can compete with any active touring band any day.

At Riff Media Group, Lisa leads the social media, content strategy, development and execution.







Hailing from South West England, Matt is the Riff team member with the accent. Like Joe and Lisa, he started proactively working with bands out of a sheer desire to help people – work that accelerated during the pandemic.

His rock/metal music interests include mainstream bands and up-and-comers. However, his ear for unique sounds is apparent when you review his playlist. Matt loves nothing more than finding that one band with something unique that stands out. 

Matt enjoys talking about music with anyone. Three of Matt's favorite bands reflect his broad musical tastes: Architects, RXPTRS, and TheCityIsOurs.

At Riff Media Group, Matt leads the graphic design, content creation, development and execution.




In Memory of Joe Alfano (1973 - 2023)


A 25+ year corporate marketing and communications veteran, Joe turned his passion for music/band promotion into an undeniable social marketing must-have for some of today's most recognized up-and-coming bands during the Winter of 2019. 

Teaming up with industry-leading producer Chris Dawson (Aphotic Studios), Joe launched the first of many Facebook rock band fan groups (Saul). 

Since then, Joe's passion for helping and promoting bands has continued with launching other fan communities for auspicious acts like Kingdom Collapse, Relent, and Above Snakes. 

When he wasn't listening to/talking about music or promoting bands, Joe and his wife Cheryl were at home in Boston, MA, with their boys, Zachary and Jacob.

At Riff Media Group, Joe lead the business development efforts.

Stephanie Bentzen

Administrative coordinator

Stephanie is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and that’s where she currently lives. She has also lived in Omaha, Nebraska. Steph has been with Riff Media Group since April 2023.

Steph has always had an interest in music. She remembers that when she was a child her dad enjoyed listening to music. They would sing along and dance together. She’s been a music lover ever since.

As for how Steph got involved in the music scene, she started helping the band Sick Puppies in 2010. They were looking for fans to help promote their music, tour dates, and whatever else was going on at the time on their forum, and, eventually, on social media. Steph discovered Kingdom Collapse at a local show a few years ago, and she joined the KC Army Facebook group.

It was through that Kingdom Collapse group that Steph became acquainted with Joe Alfano, a co-founder of Riff Media Group. One day he sent her a message and asked her if they could talk. They set up a video call. Joe told Steph that he and the other co-founders, Lisa Wills and Matt James, had been throwing around ideas of bringing someone in to help with administrative duties. He asked her some questions about what kind of person she thought would be a good fit in a role like that. Apparently, Joe liked her answers, because he then asked her if she would be interested. Of course, she said yes. As Steph recalls, the next day she was offered the position.

When asked about some bands that mean a lot to her, Steph shares that one that is at the top of her list is Shinedown, and she has two Shinedown tattoos to prove it. She has a Kingdom Collapse tattoo as well. Steph also has a special love for Breaking Benjamin, Kingdom Collapse, Any Given Sin, and The Funeral Portrait.

As the Administrative Coordinator with Riff Media, Steph coordinates meetings, keeps minutes in the meetings, and sees to it that tasks get done. As co-founder Matt James jokes, she “keeps people in line.”

Abe gascon

promotions coordinator

Abe was born and raised in Mechanicsville, Maryland, and lives there to this day. He officially joined Riff Media in November 2023. However, he had been helping Joe, Lisa, and Matt prior to the partnership becoming Riff Media.

When he was 13 years old Abe’s friend introduced him to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, and he’s been hooked ever since. In 2019 Abe attended a local show headlined by Any Given Sin. Shortly after that he joined their fan group thanks to Joe Alfano, and from that day forward he’s been deeply involved in the independent music scene. He eventually branched out and started helping other bands through their fan groups.

Abe genuinely enjoys helping deserving bands succeed and watching them thrive. For Abe personally, music is a relief of the stress of everyday life. It keeps him calm and in a happy state of mind. Some bands that hold a special place in Abe’s heart include Any Given Sin, Metallica, Silvertung, Etched In Embers, and Kingdom Collapse. In Abe’s words – “I’m just a simple guy who loves music and the rock community!”

Abe is a Promotions Coordinator with Riff Media. Basically, he’s a “hype man”. He encourages and motivates fan bases to support a band’s endeavors, primarily through sharing on social media and streaming the music on various listening platforms.