Digital Street Team Management

RMG owns day-to-day support of your current radio single’s Tweet and Stream teams.

  • What does this mean? RMG leads the charge in creating, recruiting, and managing the bands’ Tweet group (as a unique IM chat.)
  • Objective: To assemble super fans who will band together to request SiriusXM Octane and/or FM station spins regularly (with or without a paid radio campaign.)
  • In a media buy scenario, RMG will provide complementary support to the external buying firm (for example, creating strategic regional/geo-based Tweet groups helping with major/minor market penetration.)
  • In addition to the Tweet team, RMG will create, recruit, and manage a separate Stream team (as a unique IM chat):  
  • Objective: To regularly help your need to continue to increase stream/view counts through ongoing “stream challenges” focused on current and older tracks in the catalogue. 

Facebook Fan Club creation (30-day duration): Design/development of a new fan page (or review of and support of pre-existing.)

  • If new, RMG would run the group for the first month before handing over member acquisition and regular page posting/maintenance back to the band.
  • If existing, RMG would assist with recruitment and post/engagement strategy before handing back to the band after 30 days.

Strategy and Consultation

Blocks of “hours” associated with strategic support and/or creative design – used as needed. 

  • Hours can be used to lead database build from the website, Bands In Town, etc. It can also involve program execution (email or other forms of marketing/advertising), which can be discussed relative to the bands’ budget and current marketing/promotional plan.
  • Single and/or album release strategy.
  • Social Media content strategy and scheduling to align with upcoming releases, anniversaries and tour dates.

Social Profile Management

(some or all your profiles) – purchased across the following LOE options:  

  • RMG provides complementary support for your social profiles (while you continue to manage, including graphic design work.)
  • RMG manages ALL social profiles but NOT including any graphic design.
  • RMG manages ALL your socials, including the graphic design and development of all creative elements.

Graphics Design and Content Creation

RMG designs and creates single/album artwork based upon bands input of context. 

RMG designs and creates social media Asset Graphics using existing artwork / artwork created by RMG. (Cover images, horizontal, square and vertical static backgrounds with music added as optional, depending on the bands requirements.)

RMG designs and creates social media asset videos, using existing music video as base background (Horizontal , vertical and square.)

RMG designs and creates website (client provides domain), with client requirements as to social/streaming links, existing music videos, tour dates, and merchandise, etc.

RMG designs and creates logo based upon client concept.